• Afshin Behmaram

Afshin Behmaram

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Mathematical Sciences University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
Non Resident Researcher at Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) ,Tehran, Iran


My name is Afshin Behmaram. I was born in Bonab (famous for its delicious kabab in Iran) In 1983.
I received B.S degree in mathematics from Amirkabir university, In 2004.
Then I received my M.SC and Ph.D. degree in combinatorics and Graph Theory from university of Sharif And university of Tehran in 2007 and 2013. In the last years of Ph.D studies I visited professor friedland in university of Illinois at Chicago for 8 months. I am now an assistant professor in the faculty of mathematical sciences at university of Tabriz , Trabriz , Iran and also Researcher at Ipm( Institute for research in Fundamental sciences ) My research Interesting is Graph Theory and application of Graph in chemical graph and networks.


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Here i'd like to describe all my professional experience and skills.



University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

PhD in Combinatory

Dissertation Topic: Matching in fullerene and molecular graph
Advisor: Professor Hassan Yousefi Azari, Professor Alireza Ashrafi

Sharif University of technology

M.S. in Combinatory

Dissertation Topic: Matching polynomial of Graphs
Advisor: Professor Saeid Akbari

Amirkabir University of technology

B.A. in Mathematics


Visiting Scholar

Visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Chicago, USA march 2012- October 2012


Combinatorics and Graph theory – Especially:



Best PhD student researcher award in university of Tehran, Iran


Non residents Research grant of Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) ,Tehran, Iran(No. 90050113)


Ministry of Science of Iran Grants for visiting university of Illinois at Chicago for 8 months.


First Rank in integrated PhD exam amongest all PhD student of Department.


Top 20 rank in Iranian M.Sc entrance in pure and applied Mathematics.


Third prize in Iranian mathematics Olympiad for 2 years.


Honorable mention in international mathematics Olympiad (IMC)



University of Tabriz

lecturer Combinatorics , Graph theory ,Mathematics of networks


University of Tehran

Lecturer, Algorithmic Combinatorics, Department of Engineering


University of Tehran

lecturer, Graph theory and Discerete mathematics, Department of mathe- matics


University of Emam Sadegh,Tehran

lecturer ,Claculus and elementary Statistcs ,Department of Economics


Sharif university of technology,Tehran ,Iran

teaching assistant , Calculus 1 and 2


Teaching combinatorics in Iranian informatics olampiad course for highschools student ( preparation for IMO)


C++, Java, Matlab, Maple


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